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First Online Meeting and Intercultural Dialogue

The intercultural exchange is one of the most important assets of our programs. Therefore, we were enthusiastic that we could meet 20 students from four different continents and 12 countries this year. For the first "intercultural online meeting and dialogue", that should enable the students to get to know each other and the Cologne Summer Schools team, we had a special idea: our graphic designer Marcelo created a lovely "That' s me" sheet which the participants used to introduce themselves in groups of two and then in the plenum.
Also the team, Marina, Moritz and Victoria filled in the sheet and introduced each other to the participants. The questions asked were not those you might expect, convince yourself! They were: what skill would you like to master? What does your perfect breakfast look like? What kind of challenges are you facing these days? What are you greatful for and what motivates you? Further, they were invited to talk about common things like pets, hobbies, favorite movies, books and fields of interest.


International Time Zones

To accomodate the time differences, the classes took place from 4 to 8 PM Central European Time - morning for our North and South American friends and evening for those in Asia. Some, like our students in China, had to stay up until 2 or 3 o'clock in the night to attend lectures or group work sessions! We were truely grateful for their efforts and they were hailed as our summer school heroes. 

Our Digital Journey with 20 Passengers from 12 Countries

After our decision to cancel the onsite school, which was done quite early in the Covid-19 timeline, we contacted all scholarship holders in order to know if they wanted to join us on our digital journey. Luckily all of them confirmed, only two students canceled their participation due to positive personal circumstances like having got a new job and an internship. 
Our passengers came from partners world wide and Santander's inernational network of universities, the Santander Universities Network: Argentina, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Russia, Spain, UK, USA. Even more variety came into play by the great diversity of their study majors: here is the list that shows the interdisciplinarity of their studies:

Cornell University

Biological Sciences & Nutritional Sciences
ESADE Business School - Universitat Ramon Llull
Business Administration and Law
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Journalism
Fudan University 
Publishing (digital publishing)
Goldsmiths University of London
English & Media
Lanzhou University
Information System and Information Management
Leiden University
International Studies
National Research University Higher School of Economics Advertising and Public Relations
National Research University Higher School of Economics
Renmin University of China
Human Resources
Universidad de Granada
Translation and Interpreting
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Business Administration
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
International relations
Universidad Nacional de San Martin (UNSAM)
Transport Engineering
Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
Industrial Engineering 
University of Brasília
Organizational Communications
University of Economics Prague 
Business and Law 
University of Groningen
University of Sao Paulo Law