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Happy 10 Years Anniversary to Cologne Summer Schools!

10 years of Cologne Summer Schools, 10 years filled with great memories! We are very proud of this milestone we have reached within this year's Summer School. The beautiful moments and memories we have gathered within these 10 years with all our former participants, speakers and team will be close to our heart forever.

To celebrate this special milestone, we organized an Anniversary Weekend where we celebrated not only with this year’s participants. All former participants and Cologne Summer Schools team colleagues were invited as special guests as well!
Below you can see video messages of our guests:


Memories of our Alumni

University of Cologne is internationally represented in the cities of New York, Cairo, New Delhi and Beijing

Anniversary Greetings from UoC Liaison Offices

As an international project we work closely with our colleagues who direct four University of Cologne international offices. We received warm birthday wishes from Dr. Eva Bosbach, Director of New York UoC Office, Karim Zafer, Director of Cairo UoC Office, Dr. Amisha Jain, Director of New Delhi UoC Office and Lan Qui, Director of Beijing Office. We appreciate their help and contribution to the popularization of Cologne Summer School and look forward to future exciting projects!

Dr. Eva Bosbach, New York UoC Office

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Karim Zafer, Cairo UoC Office

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Dr. Amisha Jain, New Delhi UoC Office

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Lan Qiu, Beijing UoC Office

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Alumni Voices from the Anniversary and Reunion Event

CSS is an amazing program! It allowed me to visit some state-of-art Institutions and learn from brilliant professors as well as make new friends and enjoy summer in Europe. It is an honor to be back for the anniversary reunion.

Rayanna Pereira

This was a remarkable weekend. More than an anniversary event, the 16 and 17 of July were days of exchanging stories, passions, dreams and ambitions. Long live to Cologne Summer Schools!

Vitor Behnck

This was one of the best opportunities I have ever had!!! Incredible friends, trips, culture exchange; life knowledge acquisition, life perspectives, connections, adventures and more in just some days. Danke für alles!

Abel Rangel Trajo
1 / 7

Another time the CSS has shown me, with this years Alumni program, that getting together heaps of diverse, inspiring and amazing people, is always a good start to turn our world into a better one by getting an understanding for the beautiful people around us. Stepping out of your own comfort zone and making changes is the key of innovation and success!

Olivia Goroncy

CSS changed my life. Opened up a whole new country, university, language & career and I will always be grateful for the opportunity.

Mrinalini Shinde

This weekend has been the most exciting weekend I’ve had this year. It’s been engaging, exciting and refreshing. I love it here in Cologne!

photo: medieneinsatz.de

Of course for this Special Occasion, we prepared a special program which consisted of a weekend, filled with great acitivities and various networking opportunities such as the „World Cafe“, our „Welcome Brunch & Get Together“ or the "Alumni Presentations" in which three of our former participants presented what they had learned throughout their Summer School participation and how it has contributed to their professional career followed by a Q&A. Many of our former participants are now no longer students, but have embarked on impressive career paths. This provided this year's CSS participants with a great networking opportunity, accompanied by a lot of interesting and impressive people to share their experiences. But our program did not only exist of great networking opportunities and activities in the seminar room. During the street art tour „Alternative Cologne“ in the Cologne district Ehrenfeld our guests had the opportunity to explore urban Cologne and to learn a lot about the street art scene as well as socio-political backgrounds. We also travelled back to the past: At Timeride Cologne, we  travelled back to the Cologne of the 1920s and explored the city with the help of VR glasses. All the special activities made the Anniversary Weekend an unforgettable experience filled with fun and personal exchange.
But all this would be worth nothing without our amazing guests who made this weekend an unforgettable event. We thank everyone who took the time to celebrate this achievement with us.