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2022 was a special year for the Cologne Summer Schools program. For the first time the program was held hybrid. Not only the participants on site had the opportunity to be part of this year's Summer School, but also online participants could broaden their educational horizons through the hybrid format, make new friends with the help of our Buddy Program and experience intercultural exchange according to this years motto „Equality of Opportunity“. We are very proud of the successful implementation of the hybrid concept and are excited to share with you the highlights of the summer school.

This summer school project was definitely special and different in many aspects from the former summer schools we organized. For the first time after a 2-year-long pause, we welcomed students on site, and - not only that - also a group of online participants attended part-time the academic program and participated in discussions and group work tasks despite the physical distance. The didactic challenges that we mastered and the learnings we gained are incredibly valuable and relevant for the future development of short-term exchange programs. On the following pages, you will see selected highlights of the concept we developed as well as authentic experiences and feedback from participants and lecturers. If you are considering applying for our annual Cologne Summer School, this is the best way to come to know our philosophy and convince yourself that Cologne is the place to be in summer for your academic growth and improvement of intercultural competence.


testimonial from our anonymous evaluation survey

A great opportunity to grow in my academic and personal life. The course offers lectures that answer properly the problematic and the main topic of the course. The cultural program as well connect cultures from around the world, different perspectives and ways of living.

testimonial from our anonymous evaluation survey

I will definitely remember the deep conversations I had with the participants outside both in and out of class. I learned a lot about the topics through other perspectives and this was my biggest takeaway from the program.

testimonial from our anonymous evaluation survey

This (program) brought me to a community of people who want to do the same thing for the world as I do and look forward to staying in touch with everyone.

testimonial from our anonymous evaluation survey

Super friendly and tolerant atmosphere. New acquaintances and buddy slots stay in my heart.

testimonial from our anonymous evaluation survey

It's a wonderful program where you get to meet people from all over the world, and get surprised every day by the similarities and differences.

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