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Cologne Global Study Program – Contemporary European Studies

The Cologne Global Study Program (CGSP) is an academic certification program designed for students of the University of Cologne’s partner universities. It combines classes on Contemporary European Studies (taught in English) and German language courses.

The program’s main goal is to provide an excellent academic environment for exchange students who do not speak German, but wish to study at the University of Cologne. This program strengthens the collaboration between the University of Cologne and its partner universities and fosters an international atmosphere on campus. 


Information on the Coronavirus from the Rectorate of the University of Cologne

Update - Summer Term Courses

During these uncertain times, it is more than hard to make any kind of prediction on anything. Yet, we do want to let our students know, that we plan to realize our core courses (basic module 1). Most likely they will start off in a digital form and eventually be turning into a combined online/presence course (meaning that it would be possible to partcipate without being on campus at all this semester). Feel free to contact us via emaill, if you do have open questions. We will update you as soon as we have any new information.

Thank you for being patient and please stay healthy!



University Prize for Engagement within the Cologne Global Study Program

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Every year the University of Cologne is honoring exceptional achievements in the fields of "Research", "Study&Teaching", and "Administration". The Cologne Global Study Program is organised by the department "International Science" of the International Office and therefore part of the administration of the UoC. It has reached university-wide recognition.

Ms. Judith Berns and Dr. Johannes Müller were awarded with the "Universitätspreis" (University Prize) for their outstanding and enduring engagement within the Cologne Global Study Program. Both are pointing out, that realising this unique project would not have been possible without the intensive support of the entire team of the department, the lecturers, and, last but not least, the students participating in this programme.


Interested in the CGSP?

Information for students from one of our partner universities interested in participating in the Cologne Global Study Program

CGSP Studium Integrale

Information for regular students at the University of Cologne, who would like to participate in courses of the CGSP within the framework of the "Studium Integrale"


Contact for the Cologne Global Study Program

Heike Berner, Judith Berns & Johannes Mueller: cgspSpamProtectionverw.uni-koeln.de

Contact for all international students from non-European countries:

Nicole Conde



CGSP Events: