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15 Realised Projects and Revival of International Students' Mobility

2022 will be remembered as the year in which we were able to return to short-term exchange programs conducted in presense at the University of Cologne or abroad at partner universities. Based on the learnings of online teaching many projects embraced hybrid concepts and developed new ways to enable students' participation online from all over the world. Cologne Summer Schools expresses their deepest thanks and appreciation to all project teams for their hard work and commitment in organizing and conducting all 15 summer schools.

The total number of granted mobility scholarships is 473. So many participants, students of University of Cologne and its partner universities worldwide, were provided with the opportunity to travel, network and extend their academic and intercultural knowledge. We can not be more happy about this achievement and are looking forward to the new summer school season!

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KölnAlumniWELTWEIT Summer School on Menschen. Rechte. Menschenrechte (Humans. Rights. Human Rights.)

Digi Journey through Asia and Germany

It was really exciting and fun to attend all the sessions...I got to learn many different things like new languages, culture, ideas. It was really nice to meet new people and connect to them. All the sessions were very informative and I would like to attend many more sessions like this in future.


I really enjoyed this digi summer school! It's been really fun learning new stuff about Germany, India, china. My favorite session of this summer school would probably be learning the languages!


This program is certainly very useful for students around the world. We learn to respect each other, learn to have the courage to have opinions, communicate, and exchange ideas with people who have different backgrounds, thoughts, cultures, and languages ​​from ours.

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Sustainability in Schools and Teacher Education: International Perspectives and Impulses

The summer school was a great experience, both in terms of the content but also in terms of having an international experience in general, and meeting people from all over the world.

Anonymous participant

I came here without knowing what the summer school was about. The whole experience was eye opening and gave many good ideas to talk about sustainability in class.

Anonymous participant

It was a great opportunity to exchange not only ideas but thinking paradigms as well and bencourage the integration of sustainability in our subject. The school visits were a great chance as well to realize the practice of the German knowledge of “Nachhaltigkeit” in education and teaching of foreign language.

Anonymous participant

Remembering in order to change - Learning about the Shoah in Yad Vashem

I am incredibly grateful for the experience gained in the "remembering in order to change" project, the trip to Israel, and the studying and learning in Yad Vashem. I will remember this experience for the rest of my life and will definitely come back (probably as early as next summer). I will talk to friends and family about it and encourage them to travel to Israel. I also have contacts on the ground now and will recommend them as well.

Anonymous participant

I think the 5 days we were allowed to spend in Yad Vashem are among the most intensive and influential of my life. I take away an immense amount of knowledge and ask myself questions that I had not asked myself before, at least not in that form.

Anonymous participant

While Yad Vashem not only possesses an abundance of the most diverse self-testimonies, it also exhibits them and makes them digitally accessible. Foreign representations from the perpetrator or Allied perspective dominate the representations in Germany, and the pictorial representation of the Shoah in school textbooks, among others, is absolutely to be rejected. The question about the choice of sources was for me personally as if a previously unnoticed blindfold had been removed.

Anonymous participant
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Doing Business in Germany: Energy Economics & Automotive and Mobility

DBi Energy Economics is a fantastic experience that I would recommend to everyone, from keen supporters of green energy and sustainability to questioners and individuals who want to learn about what it takes to reduce emissions. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Germany and has been the highlight of my MBA journey so far. Over 2 weeks I’ve had the chance to experience Germany and visit superb cities such as Cologne, Berlin and Munich. Each day was packed with great activities, interactive presentations and company visits from top businesses, not only in Germany but in the world, companies such as E.On, Zukunft Gas, Climeworks, and BMW, exploring all the developments and strategies paving the road to carbon neutrality and supporting Germany’s energy transition (Energiewende) to a green energy grid.

Andreea, University of Bradford (UK)

The program from start to finish was incredibly organized with a variety of speakers both from the public and private sector, small startups, and large corporate organizations. This allowed us to get a view in totality of the entire automotive and energy sector all the way from the political motivations to consumer demands. The scope of information provided was truly amazing, and none of it felt rushed, the entire experience was very cohesive educationally. Additionally, we were also able to experience many of the wonderful experiences offered in Germany, and the balance between being in the program and getting to explore the country was done well.

Jonathan, University of North Carolina (USA)

In May 2022 I had the chance to take part in the DBi Energy Economics Program in Germany with the University of Cologne. The program is focused on the energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, and how current events are affecting this adoption, from both the public and private perspectives. We had interesting lectures and presentations from relevant industry stakeholders, including policy makers, state owned and private companies. Now I have a background on the European energy industry and how it is shaping the future to come. It was such an invaluable experience sharing these discussions with students from all over the world that definitely contributed to my academic experience.

Anabel, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella (Argentina)

CISU-MBA Cologne International Summer University

It was such a great two weeks! I'm glad I chose the University of Cologne and the "Leadership and Diversity" course, it was great experience and I'm pleased I met such amazing people who enhanced the experience even more. The course was unique and contributed an important knowledge. The professor conveyed the contents of the course in an understandable and interesting way. He was very eager to teach the subject, and it was important for him that the students internalize what was learned as well as share their personal experiences during class. Thank you so much for letting me take part in this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Nofar Chitayat, Coller School of Management, Tel Aviv University, Israel

The Leadership and Diversity programme is a rich opportunity to interact in a diverse class-environment as well as to learn current trends in diversity topics with a global, modern and realistic approach. Discussions are well oriented and give a deep view into the topics covered by the programme.

Carlos J. Alonso, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, Argentina
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Lachinoamerica. Transpacific Perspectives in Literature and Film

Legislative Laboratory “LegislEUlab”

I particularly liked the mixture of participants from different countries and the opportunity to interact with them.


I liked the possibility to work across the disciplines and to meet and work with people coming from different EU member states.


At times I felt a bit overwhelmed by the law-related content (as it is not my expertise) but I found a lot of topics I want to dive in further now.

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Resiliencia: Nuevas perspectivas ante la adversidad

Justice, Inequality and Discrimination

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Sustainable Future Strategies in Advanced Functional Ceramics for a Well-Being

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Field School Berlin: Questions for Learning Spaces