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Ms. Nidhi Piplani Kapur, Head- Symbiosis Centre for European Studies (SCES), Symbiosis International University

"I am thrilled to express my appreciation for the outstanding support and partnership that the University of Cologne's India Office has extended to Symbiosis Centre for European Studies (SCES), Symbiosis International (Deemed University), India. The joint collaboration between our institutions has been instrumental in fostering robust academic and cultural exchanges that have benefitted students and faculty members from both universities.

The collaborative physical and online summer schools, such as the Study India Programmes,  Digi Journeys etc., have been a phenomenal platform for students to experience diverse academic and cultural perspectives from Germany and India, Vietnam, and China. Working with Dr Amisha Jain and colleagues from other partner institutions was a delight in delivering interactive and engaging sessions.

The student and faculty exchange programs have also been a great success, providing opportunities for both institutions to share knowledge, research, and ideas. It has allowed for long-lasting partnerships, creating a platform for future collaborations in various fields.


The University of Cologne's India Office has been instrumental in driving this collaboration, and I commend their tireless efforts in ensuring the success of these initiatives. I look forward to continued cooperation and partnership with the University of Cologne and am excited about the potential for further joint initiatives in the future.

Thank you, University of Cologne's India Office, for your valuable support and partnership!"


Prof. Dr. Matthias Pilz, Chair of Economics and Business Education, University of Cologne


"The German Research Center for Comparative Vocational Education and Training in India (G.R.E.A.T. in India) would like to sincerely express its gratitude to the UoC India office. Your assistance in establishing relevant contacts, helping in facilitating the project conference in February 2023 and, last but not least, hosting our intern was of greatest support and value for our research work and related activities in Delhi. The UoC India Office team was extraordinarily committed to help and assist us in various matters. We are looking forward to future cooperation in India and Germany."