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Key Profile Area: Global South Studies

Prof. David Anderson

Member of the Global Faculty

Professor of African History, Global History & Culture Centre at the University of Warwick 

David M. Anderson is Professor of African History, in the Global History & Culture Centre at the University of Warwick. He has published widely on the history and politics of eastern Africa, including Histories of the Hanged (2005), The Khat Controversy (2007), The Routledge Handbook of African Politics (2013, ed), and Politics and Violence in Eastern Africa: The Struggles of Emerging States (2015, ed). Three projects will come to publication in the coming year: Allies at the End of Empire (ed), From Resistance to Rebellion, and Africa’s New Authoritarians.  He is now working on a volume of essays on the Mau Mau counter-insurgency in 1950s Kenya, drawing upon colonial documents released since 2012, and (with Michael Bollig) an edited volume of essays on Conservation in Africa. Anderson is editor of the African Studies Series at Cambridge University Press, would founding editor of the Journal of Eastern African Studies, and regularly contributes to the print and broadcast media on African politics.


Contribution to the KPA IV: 

Socio-economic, cultural and political transformations in the Global South

Anderson is currently Co-investigator on projects that look at past and contemporary counter-insurgencies in Africa (funded by the Leverhulme Trust), and that examines the past and present of public office holding in African and Latin American countries (funded by the UK’s Arts & Humanities Research Council). He is currently developing a new research project on reparative histories of colonialism. At Cologne, he has contributed to the current funding proposal on ‘African Futures’, and has collaborated on a project with Michael Bollig on resilience in eastern Africa, and a project to produce an edited volume on Conservation in Africa is on-going. Anderson is also supervising and mentoring doctoral students at Cologne across a variety of disciplines and Departments.