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CGSP Study Trip & Events 2018

Christmas get-together 2018

The course "Intercultural Issues in Academia" at one of the Cologne Christmas Markets

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Excursion to Bonn

Our excursion to Bonn started off with a guided tour of the Haus der Geschichte. As the museum is covering all of Germany´s history from 1945 up to today, it was only possible to scratch on the surface a little bit. Easy to imagine that we could´ve spend hours there for deeper insights. Filled with an introduction to Germany´s youngest history, we caught some fresh air and fall colored inspired views along the Rhine before heading towards the city centre. After passing the University of Bonn,  we were headed for the Haribo store. Haribo, founded back in 1920, is probably worldwide known for its Gummibärchen (gummy bears), a bit less known is the fact that Mr. HAns RIegel from BOnn is their founder. Our tour finished at the Beethoven Memorial on the Marktplatz. The famous German composer and pianist Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Bonn in 1770 and lived there until he moved to Vienna, Austria, in 1792. 


A "Kegelabend" to wrap up the summer term 2018

For the last get-together of the summer term 2018, we decided to organize an evening of "Kegeln". None of the students were familiar with this kind of sport. The easiest way to explain it, is to describe it as a bowling-like game, but the ball has no holes and there are only 9 pins instead of 10. Oh and to make it more challenging, the alley towards the pins is quite narrow. Everyone accepted the challenge and we had a great evening with tons of laughs and great chats.

@ all the participants of the summer term 2018: It was great to have you on the program and amazing to meet a group with so much enthusiam and motivation!

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Greetings from Brussels