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Study Trips & Events


Field Trip to Brussels

As part of the course "European Art from Renaissance to Present" the CGSP took a trip to Brussels. After a two hour journey with the ICE from Cologne we arrived in Brussels. First we had a guided tour in the "Royal Museum of Fine Arts" about the "Old masters".  Afterwards the students had time to explore the city on theirown.

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Study Trip to Brussels

Despite a delayed arrival due to some major "train trouble", we still spent a great day in Brussels. While we missed our expert-guided-tour at the Parliament, we were able to work out an alternative program. After treating ourselves to some famous Belgian Fries, we enjoyed multimedia-guided tours of the House of European History and/or the Parliament. After that we still had enough time left to stroll through the historic streets of downtown Brussels. 



Get-together at the Christmas Market

Foto: Daisy Pinckley
Foto: Daisy Pinckley
Foto: Daisy Pinckley
Foto: Daisy Pinckley

The course "Intercultural Issues in Academia" did an excursion to one of the smaller Christmas Markets in town. The destination was the very special Christmas Market at "Herbrand´s" in Ehrenfeld, which is combining the traditional German atmosphere of a Christmas Market with international contributions. Besides Glühwein and Bratwurst, they offered numerous other delicacies from all over the world. Another highlight was the live performance by a Kölsch band. 




CGSP "Kegelabend"

Students from the US, Japan, Canada, Russia, Brazil, Italy and Bulgaria jointly attempted to master the German style of Bowling. Along with some snacks and great chats we enjoyed a very fun evening!



Tour of the Deutsche Welle in Bonn

Foto: Benjamin Naujoks
Foto: Benjamin Naujoks

Students enjoyed a view behind the scenes of the German radio station "Deutsche Welle" in Bonn. 



Visit at the Synagogue of Cologne

Students of the course "Back to the Future. The 1970´s - When Globalization Hit Europe" had the chance to visit the Synagogue of Cologne and learn about its past and present. 



Excursion "Haus der Geschichte" in Bonn

A huge thank you to all who participated in our first excursion of the new semester! Our trip to the Haus der Geschichte in Bonn was fun and informative from beginning to end, in addition to being a perfect opportunity to get to know one another. After touring the museum together, it was wonderful to hear everyone’s personal association with specific elements of German history. We are looking forward to seeing everyone again at our next get-together in December. Until then, enjoy the photos from Bonn and have a great start in the new semester!


“Introduction to European Development, Policy, Discourse, and Practice” - Excursion to Bonn

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  • Group picture at the United Nations Campus in Bonn
    Foto:Judith Berns
  • Screen with a graph about the world population living in extreme poverty from 1970 until 2015. It shows the number of people not in extreme poverty and the number of people living in extreme poverty. The first number is going up steadily where the other one is decreasing but not as strong.
    Foto:Judith Berns
  • Two students sitting at a table.
    Foto:Judith Berns
  • Two students sitting at a conference table in big leather chairs.
    Foto:Judith Berns
  • Two students sitting at a conference table in big leather chairs.
    Foto:Judith Berns
  • Group of students sitting at a big conference table
    Foto:Judith Berns
  • Group of students sitting at a big conference table
    Foto:Judith Berns
  • Three flagpoles. One with the german flag, one with the european flag and the last one is the flag of the united nations.
    Foto:Judith Berns
  • Landscape with the river rhine
    Foto:Judith Berns
  • Six students with the flag of the united nations.
    Foto:Judith Berns
  • World map with figures and money on it. A simulation game.
    Foto:Judith Berns
  • Students playing a game on a big worldmap on the floor.
    Foto:Judith Berns

What better way to study for the upcoming exams than to experience that which you’ve learned hands on? This is exactly what students of Mr. Haas’ “Introduction to European Development, Policy, Discourse, and Practice” course were invited to do on Monday in an engaging and delightful class excursion to Bonn.

The morning was spent touring the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, a cabinet-level ministry encouraging economic development within Germany and in other countries through international cooperation and partnerships. Located in the former German Chancellery, students also enjoyed the opportunity to visit the former cabinet hall, where some of the most important decisions in Germany were made until the late 90s. Afterwards there was a visit to Engagement Global, a non-profit organization that operates as a service for development initiatives. Here students experienced first hand the importance of such initiatives through interactive activities and games. The final stop of the day, the UN campus in Bonn, was also certainly one to remember. After a lecture about current UN ventures in Bonn, students were invited to the 29th floor of the famous “Langer Eugen” UN facility for an expansive view of the entire city. All in all, it was a thought-provoking, insightful, and worthwhile day spent in Germany’s former capital city!


Biannual Excursion to Brussels (Summer Semester 2019)

A fun and informative visit to the capital of Europe! The summer 2019 trip to Brussels included a visit to the House of European History, a snack in the city, as well as time to explore, all accompanied by great weather! Here are a few photos to share some impressions from the excursion.

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Christmas get-together 2018

The course "Intercultural Issues in Academia" at one of the Cologne Christmas Markets

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Excursion to Bonn

Our excursion to Bonn started off with a guided tour of the Haus der Geschichte. As the museum is covering all of Germany´s history from 1945 up to today, it was only possible to scratch on the surface a little bit. Easy to imagine that we could´ve spend hours there for deeper insights. Filled with an introduction to Germany´s youngest history, we caught some fresh air and fall colored inspired views along the Rhine before heading towards the city centre. After passing the University of Bonn,  we were headed for the Haribo store. Haribo, founded back in 1920, is probably worldwide known for its Gummibärchen (gummy bears), a bit less known is the fact that Mr. HAns RIegel from BOnn is their founder. Our tour finished at the Beethoven Memorial on the Marktplatz. The famous German composer and pianist Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Bonn in 1770 and lived there until he moved to Vienna, Austria, in 1792. 


A "Kegelabend" to wrap up the summer term 2018

For the last get-together of the summer term 2018, we decided to organize an evening of "Kegeln". None of the students were familiar with this kind of sport. The easiest way to explain it, is to describe it as a bowling-like game, but the ball has no holes and there are only 9 pins instead of 10. Oh and to make it more challenging, the alley towards the pins is quite narrow. Everyone accepted the challenge and we had a great evening with tons of laughs and great chats.

@ all the participants of the summer term 2018: It was great to have you on the program and amazing to meet a group with so much enthusiam and motivation!

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Greetings from Brussels


Triangle Tower & Brauhaus Impressions


CGSP get-together at "Heller´s Brauhaus"

Joining cultures – outside the classroom!

Mexico, Germany, Japan, Brazil, China and the USA chatting it up at Heller´s Brauhaus!

Our table must´ve been one of the loudest among the pub as all conversations were accompanied with many laughs creating a fun atmosphere throughout the evening. Sharing experiences from stays abroad, on everyones first weeks in Cologne and on different foreign customs everyone has made his/her encounters with. If it hadn´t been for early classes the next morning, chats easily could´ve lastest a few hours more. 


Study Trip BRUSSELS - November 10th, 2017

For this semesters study trip we took the students of the Cologne Global Study Program to the Belgium capital Brussels.

After an early rise, we left Cologne via train and started our day in Brussels with a small stroll through the European quarter passing several European parliaments´ buildings, before arriving at the House of European History.

The official opening of the House of European History was about five months ago, after several years of renovations and preparations. Besides hosting a phenomenal exhibition, it also offers some quite impressive architectural features. Overviewing the Park Leopold, the museum is located in the historical Eastman building. Built in 1935, it was a dental clinic to begin with, yet over time it was a public clinic, a learning facility and a retirement home as well. Having served the city and society for so many years, it seems quite appropriate, that while displaying European history these days, the buildings´ spirit – namely being a place for all people - is kept alive.

Visiting the museum itself is a very impressive experience and, I dare to assume, not only for a person holding a major interest in historical subjects. Each visitor is equipped with a tablet that can be set to any of the 24 EU official languages. Depending on previous knowledge and personal interests you can design your own tour, as the tablet will adjust itself to the persons´ specific position. With a focus on Europe as an entity, instead of examining nation by nation, visitors are lead through several centuries in such an engaging way, it may as well let you lose track of time.  

By the time we left the museum, our minds were well nourished, yet our stomachs called for input. Being in Belgium, we did not want to deprive the students of a taste of the famous Belgian fries. Madame Antoinette handled the 33 person order quite well, and, quick enough, everyone set off to follow his or her own plans for the afternoon.