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Exchange Programs

University of Cologne maintains academic cooperation relationships with many Indian partner institutes of higher education. The forms of academic cooperation are manifold-

  • Student Exchange
  • Faculty Exchange
  • Dual Degree Programs
  • Summer Schools
  • Excursions
  • Internships
  • Symposiums, Conferences, workshops
  • Joint Research

Summer Schools

Summer schools have been one of the main tools to promote student exchanges, specifically from the outgoing student perspective. For this reason, various summer schools that cater to a large range of interests have been organized in India since 2013. In an effort to synergize different regions of the Global South, members of the China-NRW alliance are also invited to participate in the summer schools in India. Since 2015 – 2019, each year summer schools were organized in India with partner Indian universities on various themes and topics.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, summer schools in 2021 and 2022 were virtually organized.

The UoC-India Summer School 2023 focused on 'Educational, Economical, and Social Stratification in India,' was jointly organized by University of Cologne in partnership with the Symbiosis Centre for European Studies (SCES) and Symbiosis Centre for International Education (SCIE) at Symbiosis International University, Pune.

Participants included students from both University of Cologne and Symbiosis International University (Pune). The programme included enlightening sessions from experts, fun-filled workshops and adventurous excursions offering the students a vibrant and culturally enriching experience of India.

Testimonial: “During our two-week stay in Pune for the summer school program, we received excellent support and care. Our dedicated coordinators were available around the clock, providing assistance with cultural interests and organizational inquiries. They ensured a seamless experience, taking care of university-related matters, helping us set up new SIM cards and with our arrival in and departure from India, and also serving as interpreters for smooth communication with others.”

Ms. Bianca Negrea & Ms. Paula Leonie Dalbeck, Students at the University of Cologne, UoC-India Summer School Participants

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UoC India office provides assistance and contacts if you desire to pursue an internship in India, South Asia & South East Asia.  

Mr. Benno Pilz, a student of Grade 11th in a school in Hannover pursued a two-week internship at the UoC India Office in February 2023. His responsibilities were to prepare for and assist during the Education Fair held at Bennett University, New Delhi.

Testimonial: “It was a very good time here at the UoC India Office and I learned many things about internationalization and how a university can be well-represented even from a distance of over 6000 km from the Head Office. During my internship I didn't just get to know a new job, I also discovered another Culture and improved my English language proficiency. The internship has been an enriching experience for me.”

Mr. Benno Pilz, Grade 11th School Student, Germany

Mr. Arthur Felix Lubig and Ms. Laura Milena Haas were the final year students at the Faculty of Law, University of Cologne, who completed their six-week compulsory administrative internship at the India office of University of Cologne India in New Delhi. The students gained insights on the administrative tasks related to the operations of the regional office of the University of Cologne. The students helped and assisted during the day-to-day tasks and gained in depth knowledge on the internationalisation of higher education. Additionally, they also attended proceedings held at the High Court of New Delhi and National Green Tribunal, New Delhi.

Testimonial: "It was great working in the regional of the university. If you consider doing your internship abroad, you should definitely come here. You get a lot of interesting insights and get to practise your English and get to live in a beautiful and vibrant city. The highlight from my internship was when Prof. Kirk Junker (Chair, IMES, University of Cologne) visited New Delhi and we went to the High Court of New Delhi together with him and Dr. Amisha Jain and got to see how the high court operates, which was really interesting.”

Ms. Laura Milena Haas

Student- Faculty of Law, University of Cologne