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EduVEnture Cologne is a joint project, uniting 12 transnational teaching projects from three faculties of the University of Cologne and the International Office. All projects align by and large with standards set by the EU ERASMUS+Virtual Exchange. Virtual Exchange is a special form of Virtual Mobililty, distinguished by an emphasis on peer-to-peer interaction and intercultural exchange.

EduVEnture Cologne wants to raise awareness for the advantages and merits of the concept of Virtual Exchange, both for students and lecturers. It intends to promote the format of Virtual Exchange courses as a standard of transnational teaching with the aim to encourage faculties and institutes to add VE-courses as a regular option to their teaching offers. In the long run, VE-courses should become a regular element of all curricula.


The Cologne EduVEstival is a virtual exhibition in Gather.town in order to present the outcomes of the EduVEnture projects from the last two semesters. Each project created and designed their personal room to showcase their work. The visitors can move and look around freely with their avatar and get in touch with other visitors and the project participants as well through video chat.

A detailed description of all projects can be found on the EduVEnture website.

Vice Rector International Prof. Dr. Johanna Hey will welcome the participants.
An introduction to EduVEnture will be given by the project coordinator Dr. Johannes Müller during the event. Additionally some selected projects will present their results live in the auditorium. Please refer to the time table for more information.



When: 1 July 2021 from 15:00h - 18:00h (CET)

Where: Gather.town


Access and Registration:

The Cologne EduVEstival is free of charge but please register in advance to join.

Registration is closed.

Once you have registered you will receive the access information on the day of the event. You can then enter at any time during the event. Multiple entries are possible.

Time Table (Presentations in the Auditorium)


Welcome: Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Johanna Hey and Dr. Johannes Müller


Prof. Dr. Aria Adli: "Multilingualism in the New and Old World" (UoC+NYU)


Anja Blode/Anne-Katrin Heinen: "Joint Learning in Northern European Studies" (UoC+U Copenhagen/U Turku)


Prof. Dr. Christine Gundermann: "Europe and its Colonial Past. Practices, Narratives, Spaces of Memory" (UoC+UTE Lucerne/U Nijmegen/U Sorbonne Nouvelle/SWPSU Warsaw)


Dr. Johannes Müller - Project Leader
Ms. Judith Berns - Project Manager
Ms. Beate Vossel-Newman - Project Manager Assistant (Coaching/Advising)
Ms. Tjorven Bienfait - Project Assistant (Coaching/Events)
Ms. Esther Wickert - Project Assistant (Website/Events)