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EUniWell Mobility Skills: University of Cologne, International Office

EUniWell aims at creating a common identity, offering seamless cultural and mobility experiences for students and staff across the partnership network. Opportunities for mobility, both physical and virtual, are a key action for the establishment of the EUniWell European University.

This webseite gives an overview on the existing Mobility Skills Offer for students and employees.


  • Be a student or staff member at a university of the EUniWell network
  • German language skills: level B2 of the CEFR recommended   

1. Existing Mobility Skills Offer for Students


 Please note that it is only the offer in Mobility Skills being presented here, not the overall course offer for mobile students.


2. Existing Mobilitys Skills Offer for Employees

The courses are in German at the moment, but can prospectively also be offered in English.