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The Power of Vision

digital workshop | Wednesday 21 September | 5 - 8 pm (CET) | in English

Vision is the common denominator behind every academic and career success in life. Understanding the power and concept of vision will help you focus, maximize opportunities, and achieve academic and career success in Germany.
Some of the things you will learn in the workshop include:

  • How to clarify your career vision?
  • How to set goals for your academic and career success?
  • How to be motivated all the time?
  • How to prepare and maximize academic and career opportunities?
  • How to build your life around your studies?

Concepts and the mindset that will help you succeed in Germany

***There will be an opportunity to ask questions during and after the workshop.

A Biography of the speaker:

Roland Ngole is the founder of Achievethevision Academy, multiple award-winning international Speaker, Author, expert for vision and Part-time Lecturer. As a student he came alone to Germany, without family, connections, or a huge bank account, but armed with a vision and aspiration. His vision helped him through the difficulties of learning the German language, studying, and working diverse odd jobs to sustain his life. Roland has given speeches at several German universities, organizations, conferences in Germany and abroad. He has mentored many students and young professionals for academic and career success in Germany. Roland is a holder of a bachelor´s degree in international business administration and a master's degree in supply chain management. He has gained experience in 8 international companies across different industries. Roland is on a mission to help individuals achieve their vision and aspirations so that they can attain their highest success.


Date: Wednesday 21 Sep 22
Time:  5 - 8 pm
Place: online
Language: English
Costs: free
Lecturer: Mr. Roland Ngole
Target group(s): International students of the University of Cologne
Spots: 20
Application:  Please follow this link to apply.