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People: attracting – supporting – developing

The workshop asks for strategies for making the UoC a place where people can develop their talent, pursue their ideas and think outside the box. The workshop covers the whole cycle from attracting, supporting, developing and retaining researchers, educators as well as research managers. It will focus on both early career researchers (R1 and R2) as well as established/senior researchers (R3, R4) asking what is needed to identify and foster talent and to develop and attract academic leadership.

Topics include

  • Recruitment of researchers across all levels (R1-R4)
  • Support of researchers across all levels (R1-R4)
  • Bridging university goals with the goals of individual persons
  • Diversity and equal opportunities
  • Optimal structures and processes

Leitung: Ansgar Büschges (Prorektor für akademische Karriere und Chancengerechtigkeit), Susanne Crewell (Prodekanin für Forschung Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät)

Sprache: Deutsch/Englisch