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From Immigration to Flooding: What Can We Afford?

Ringvorlesung: Umdenken, Verändern, Bewahren - Ökologisches Bewusstsein für eine nachhaltige Gesellschaft

24. April

17.45 Uhr - 19.15 Uhr



Hörsaal XII im Hauptgebäude
50923 Köln


From empirical evidence in fields as diverse as science education, psychology and epidemiology, we have learned that persons are more likely to act to mitigate climate change due to the person's global, rather than local identity, due to social discouse, not scientific discourse, and due to the construction of a person's social norms.    More broadly, we see that the norms by which an actor decides what he or she should do, have largely devolved from simple economic descriptions of what he can financially afford.  Consequently, if I have enough money, I can 'afford' it."  But now we speak of carbon budgets and with that notion, the answer to the question "can I afford it?" becomes a matter of carbon, not money and the answer to the question of what we should do is no longer answerable by what we can do.   More broadly, if one extrapolates from the climate change mitigation example to other ecological crises, one can see that change in action is not a matter of more information that describes the crises.

Redner: Prof. Dr. Kirk Junker, Prorektor für Nachhaltigkeit, Universität zu Köln

Der Termin ist Teil der Ringvorlesung „Umdenken, Verändern, Bewahren - Ökologisches Bewusstsein für eine nachhaltige Gesellschaft“ des ProfessionalCenter der Universität zu Köln in Kooperation mit TH Köln, FORD sowie GlobalGiving.

Die Ringvorlesung findet vom 10.04.2024 bis 17.07.2024 alle zwei Wochen mittwochs von 17.45 Uhr bis 19.15 Uhr statt.

Informationen zur Anmeldung und weitere Info unter https://professionalcenter.uni-koeln.de/lehre/ringvorlesung