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Photo: Patric Fouad

International students at the University of Cologne

The University of Cologne would like to extend a warm welcome to all newly arrived international students.


Settling into a new environment especially abroad is always exciting. We have gathered a few welcome messages from international students who have already spent some time at the University of Cologne to help you ease into your new life as a student here. 

„добро пожаловать“

 „I think, Studienstart International was something that opened the door for me to another world. During the program I have met many other international students. Some of them have become my best friends, who I will always stay in contact with.”

Polina Batueva from Russia, student at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, photo: private

"The international atmosphere, the introductory courses and the first rounds of Cologne beers were the best ingredients in order to find new friends at the Uni Koeln. When taking part in the courses or exercises people at the faculty of medicine made me feel like one of the local students.” 

Francesc Casanovas from Barcelona, Spain, Erasmus exchange student, October 2014 until July 2015, photo:private

"To me Cologne is the perfect place to study. There are so many students and it is easy to get to know people. The atmosphere is superb!"

Andrea Medina Vizuete from Sevilla, Spain, Erasmus exchange student, October 2013 until July 2014, photo: private

"There was much more to my life in Cologne, than I had initially expected. Besides a well-organized University, the city offers a lot of green spaces, numerous events and a broad range of leisure time activities. I have also made friends, who I am still in contact with. These experiences have been very important for my personal development. To come to Cologne was the best thing for me to do.”

Annachiara Benini from Verona, Italy, Erasmus echange student, Summer term 2014, photo: private