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The housing situation in Cologne is difficult! Please inform yourself as early as possible on our pages and network with students from Cologne.

International Prospective Master Students

Range of Studies

The University of Cologne offers:

  • Masters' programmes taught in German
  • Masters' programmes taught in English
  • Master's programmes taught optionally (English Track) or partially in Englishh
  • Master's programmes with an international scope

An overview of all master's degree programs can be found in our Study Orientation Portal under Range of Courses. Please use the filter functions there to limit your search to master's degree programs and, if necessary, to other parameters.


Application Requirements

Application Procedure

Uni-assist e.V. is the "work and service center for international students’ applications". Uni-assist evaluates master applications for the University of Cologne from applicants who have obtained a foreign university degree.

For all master’s degree programs, you need a preliminary review documentation (VPD) to apply.

Please note the two-stage application process!

1. Request a preliminary review documentation (VPD) from uni-assist
Processing time 4 - 6 weeks. Please apply for the VPD as early as possible before the application deadline at the UoC.

2. Application via the application portal of the UoC Klips 2.0

All documents can also be uploaded to uni-assist and KLIPS without being certified. After enrolment, we reserve the right to request random certifications.

In addition to an online application at the UoC, you must request the VPD directly from uni-assist. When applying for a master’s degree, the VPD indicates whether you meet the formal requirements for a master’s degree at the UoC. After your documents have been checked by uni-assist and you have received the result (VPD), create an online application in the UoC Klips 2.0 application portal.

An application to the UoC is only possible with a valid VPD. The application for preliminary review documentation (VPD) at uni-assist alone does not count as an application for a degree program at the UoC.

How do I request the preliminary review documentation (VPD):

Enrolment Procedure


Organise your Stay in Cologne



Your Contact Persons at the International Office:

Application, Admission, Enrolment 


Christina Boland & Henrike Bassenge

For e-mail enquiries please use our contact form.

Tuesdays 10 - 12:30 am
Wednesdays 4 - 6 pm


Mentoring Programmes of the HR Development for Researchers

Gender Mentoring-Agentur – for female students & doctoral candidates (GER/EN)

Erste Generation Promotion – for (doctoral) students with a non-academic background (GER)

For female (doctoral) students with a primarily non-university career goal (GER)