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Emerging Groups

The group has emerged

The main objective of the Emerging Group Dynamic Structuring in Language and Communication was to contribute to the strategic development in linguistics at the University of Cologne, including the successful supervision of the application phase of the CRC 1252 Prominence in Language. Six dedicated Board Members and four Postdocs have built up an international research network, starting to develop a dynamic view of language as a new area of expertise and excellence. This dynamic view promises to shed light on concepts that have so far escaped a coherent treatment in linguistics.

By now, a vibrant linguistic research environment has emerged, with the establishment of the Cologne Center of Language Sciences (CCLS) and the Center for Language, Information and Philosophy (CLIP), innovative training programs such as Sprache im Labor and Language and Music in Cognition, and the CRC 1252 Prominence in Language at the University of Cologne. The groups are exchanging ideas, and exploring the many facets of the concept Prominence in Language.

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Funding Period: 01.01.2014 – 31.12.2018