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Alaa Abu-Rabi (from Palestine)

 “Studienstart International was a good experience. Time went by way too fast. I made many friends and got to know and appreciate the city. In the seminar ‘Intercultural Awareness’, I learned a lot about different cultures, especially about German culture. That helped me a lot to find my way around. Studienstart International is an opportunity that I would recommend to everyone.”

Moaz Bair (from Syria)

“In this programme you get a lot of information about studying medicine, which makes it easier for you to start your degree programme later on. And you don’t have any problems finding your way around later because you already know the campus. I especially liked that I was able to get to know so many different cultures during the programme. Studienstart International has also helped me get to know German culture. We were a small group of students in our semester, so we all got to know each other well.”

Peter Galkin (from Russia)

“It was really an interesting experience for me. I met a lot of people, and I’m still in touch with many of them. I had the opportunity to improve my German language skills and can now study medicine here in Cologne much more easily than my fellow students who started their programme in medicine without Studienstart International.”

Nancy Ilibi (from Congo)

“I am very pleased to have taken part in Studienstart International. It was a really nice time for me because I gained a lot of experience. I benefited greatly from that. I also improved my German and got to know a lot of nice people.”