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CGSP Study Trip & Events 2017

Study Trip BRUSSELS - November 10th, 2017

For this semesters study trip we took the students of the Cologne Global Study Program to the Belgium capital Brussels.

After an early rise, we left Cologne via train and started our day in Brussels with a small stroll through the European quarter passing several European parliaments´ buildings, before arriving at the House of European History.

The official opening of the House of European History was about five months ago, after several years of renovations and preparations. Besides hosting a phenomenal exhibition, it also offers some quite impressive architectural features. Overviewing the Park Leopold, the museum is located in the historical Eastman building. Built in 1935, it was a dental clinic to begin with, yet over time it was a public clinic, a learning facility and a retirement home as well. Having served the city and society for so many years, it seems quite appropriate, that while displaying European history these days, the buildings´ spirit – namely being a place for all people - is kept alive.

Visiting the museum itself is a very impressive experience and, I dare to assume, not only for a person holding a major interest in historical subjects. Each visitor is equipped with a tablet that can be set to any of the 24 EU official languages. Depending on previous knowledge and personal interests you can design your own tour, as the tablet will adjust itself to the persons´ specific position. With a focus on Europe as an entity, instead of examining nation by nation, visitors are lead through several centuries in such an engaging way, it may as well let you lose track of time.  

By the time we left the museum, our minds were well nourished, yet our stomachs called for input. Being in Belgium, we did not want to deprive the students of a taste of the famous Belgian fries. Madame Antoinette handled the 33 person order quite well, and, quick enough, everyone set off to follow his or her own plans for the afternoon.

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Triangle Tower & Brauhaus Impressions

Photo: Judith Berns
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CGSP get-together at "Heller´s Brauhaus"

Joining cultures – outside the classroom!

Mexico, Germany, Japan, Brazil, China and the USA chatting it up at Heller´s Brauhaus!

Our table must´ve been one of the loudest among the pub as all conversations were accompanied with many laughs creating a fun atmosphere throughout the evening. Sharing experiences from stays abroad, on everyones first weeks in Cologne and on different foreign customs everyone has made his/her encounters with. If it hadn´t been for early classes the next morning, chats easily could´ve lastest a few hours more. 


Core Course Excursion to Bonn (July 17)

Mr. Haas, teacher of one of the core courses during the summer semester 2017, had organized a study trip to the former German capital, Bonn. The trip included visits to the The Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, the NGO "Engagement Global gGmbh" and a tour of the UN Campus. 

Following you will find some words by Mr. Haas, giving some insight into the trip (only in German).

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Brussels, Belgium (May 2017)

Our summer term study trip took us to the capital of Belgium, to Brussels.

The morning was spent at the EU commission, where we enjoyed the privilege of an exclusive presentation on the works of the commission. We received detailed insight and a lot of first hand information. While the morning was had a bit of an academic focus, the afternoon was to spend individually. Many took the advantage to join us to have the famous Belgian fries for lunch, before heading out to visit the many sights of the city afterwards. 

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  • Town hall of Brussel at the Grand Place
    Photo:Judith Berns
  • Part of the EU Parliament Building
    Photo:Judith Berns
  • Information board with a timeline of the European Commision
    Photo:Judith Berns
  • Group picture in the European Commision
    Photo:EU Commission
  • Front page of a program brochure for the information visit to the European Commision
    Photo:Judith Berns
  • Students standing next to the logo of the European Commision
    Photo:Judith Berns
  • Students listening to the guide
    Photo:Judith Berns
  • Students standing next to the logo of the European Commision
    Photo:Judith Berns
  • Group of students in front of a belgian fries food truck.
    Photo:Judith Berns
  • Four students with belgian fries in their hands
    Photo:Judith Berns
  • Two female students with belgian fries
    Photo:Judith Berns
  • Buildings in Brussels
    Photo:Judith Berns
  • View on Brussels from a higher point
    Photo:Judith Berns
  • Building at the Grand Place with golden ornamentation on the outside.
    Photo:Judith Berns