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Intercultural Awareness Seminar

The intercultural awareness seminar is mainly addressed to students participating in the Studienstart International programme.

Studying in Germany – as in many other countries – means studying with fellow students from around the world – which is both a great enrichment and a challenge.

The first encounters with people from other countries and with different backgrounds are often inspiring and fascinating. But when we form study groups at the university, work closely together, have discussions, and exchange ideas, there can be many surprises. What seems normal for one person causes insecurity, irritation, and often misinterpretations in another – and vice versa.

We will explore the reasons for this in a group with participant from different cultures (max. 18 participants). The aim is to exploit the potential of cultural diversity for effective and successful cooperation. Intercultural competence not only makes everyday life at the university easier, but also ensures success later on in a culturally diverse society.

It is designed interactively, building on a lively exchange of experiences among participants.

Contents of the Seminar:

  • clarification of the concept of culture
  • cultural models
  • presenting and exploring the concept of ‘cultural dimensions’
  • cultural standards and their problems
  • perception and stereotype
  • intercultural communication
  • cultural change
  • critical incidents: case examples

The seminar is also a building block for the certificate ‘Intercultural Awareness’.

The examination is an essay (3 CP) in addition to regular active participation.


The seminar only takes place during the summer semesters and is open to students of all Faculties, provided there are free spaces left.

If you have any questions about the seminar, please contact studienstart-international(at)