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KölnAlumni WELTWEIT DigiTalks

KölnAlumni WELTWEIT DigiTalks is a lecture series platform used by professors, researchers, doctoral candidates, graduates, alumnae and alumni and friends of the University of Cologne to present their research findings or projects in webinars.

At this time, our DigiTalks are on hold - you will be informed here as soon as they resume.

Aufzeichnung des KAW DigiTalk der Summer School WarmUp Serie | Gast: Janine Steeger

Recording of the DigiTalk with 1.FC Köln, Summer School WarmUp Series

KölnAlumni WELTWEIT DigiTalks presents: WarmUp Series - 1. FC Köln | 20th July, 2021
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  • Screenshot des KAW DigiTalks mit dem 1. FC Köln
  • Screenshot vom KAW DigiTalk mit dem 1. FC Köln
  • Poster KAW WarmUp DigiTalk mit dem 1.FC Köln
3rd KölnAlumni WELTWEIT DigiTalk

Recording of the 3rd KAW DigiTalk with Dr. Zachary Callen

"US Presidential Elections: A Post-Election Analysis" with Zachary Callen, PhD - 5th November, 2020


Two days after the historic presidential election in the USA, it was our pleasure to invite the politics professor of Allegheny College (Meadville, Pennsylvania), partner university of the UoC, to our 3rd KölnAlumni WELTWEIT DigiTalk. Dr. Callen gave an exciting and entertaining insight into the presidential election system of the USA, with all its strengths and weaknesses. He then commented on the results of the election that were known up to that point.

After his talk, Dr. Callen took a lot of time to answer the many questions of the international audience, which consisted of our alumnae and alumni, current Cologne students, external guests, as well as staff and students of Allegheny College. The DigiTalk was also an opportunity to highlight the long-standing partnership between the two institutions. Christiane Biehl, Head of Department 93 at the UzK, Lucinda Morgan and Lenee McCandless (International Office), as well as Felix Kirchhof (current German Teaching Assistant) from Allegehny College joined the event.

KölnAlumni WELTWEIT would like to sincerely thank Dr. Zachary Callen, Allegheny College, and all participants.

2nd KölnAlumni WELTWEIT DigiTalk

Recording of the 2nd KAW DigiTalk with Janine Steeger

"Going Green - imperfectly protecting the climate" with Janine Steeger - 4th September, 2020

On September 4, we had the pleasure to invite Janine Steeger to our 2nd KölnAlumni WORLDWIDE DigiTalk. In a joint interview, we were able to talk about her career from successful television presenter to climate activist. Steeger was able to explain to the international audience that you don't have to be "perfect" - that is, you don't have to make a complete transformation from one day to the next - but that even small steps can have a big impact. The interview was based on Steeger's book ("Going Green: Warum man nicht perfekt sein muss, um das Klima zu schützen").

After the interview, Janine Steeger took time for an extensive Q&A session, in which she also discussed her project "Futurewoman". Throughout the entire DigiTalk, Steeger was convincing with her approachable, honest manner.

KölnAlumni WELTWEIT would like to thank Janine Steeger and all participants.

1st KölnAlumni WELTWEIT DigiTalk

Recording of the 1st KAW DigiTalk with Dr. Joann Halpern