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Which actions does the University take?

In its Constitution (further information available in German), the University of Cologne commits itself to contributing to a sustainable, peaceful, and democratic world through its tasks in research and teaching.

Rectorate’s Representative for Sustainability

The Rectorate’s Representative for Innovation and Research Infrastructures, Professor Dr. Günter Schwarz, has also been the Rectorate’s Representative for Sustainability since July 2021. Schwarz has the task of steering and coordinating the further development concerning science and operations together with the Sustainability Council. This council shall  advise and make recommendations on the development of the sustainability strategy and an implementation concept.

In addition, the Rrectorate has decided to establish a sustainability office at our Uuniversity and has made the topics of sustainability and environment a priority in all service areas within the framework of the European University for Well-Being (EUniWell). The University of Cologne is thus focusing on sustainability and will continue to intensify its efforts to use our resources responsibly.

Sustainable campus – Examples

This is only a small selection of the actions taken at the University of Cologne. Find out more under the heading ‘Programmes and facilities’ and under ‘Orientation framework for sustainability and climate protection’.
The information offered on sustainability at the University of Cologne is being further developed and expanded as part of the sustainability strategy process.

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