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The internationalization of degree programs, teaching and research has always been an integral part of the University of Cologne’s (UoC) identity.

Internationalization abroad

The University of Cologne has an international network comprising 85 partnerships at the university level and more than 500 partnerships at the Faculty level. About 1,500 Cologne students go abroad during their studies.

As part of its Internationalization Strategy, the University of Cologne has established Global Network Partnerships with internationally prestigious universities in order to promote the comprehensive internationalization of teaching and research. These partnerships go beyond conventional university agreements: they involve extensive cooperation projects in research, teaching, and campus management.

Additionally, the University of Cologne currently maintains three international Liaison Offices in North America, China, and India. The Liaison Offices and the regional ambassadors not only support visiting students, scholars and scientists, but also cultivate contacts with partners in these regions and develop new cooperation activities.

Internationalization at home

Currently, about 10% of the University of Cologne’s students come from abroad. The university’s international profile is also enhanced by more than 350 international guest scholars and scientists. The International Faculty Program makes the university particularly attractive for researchers from abroad. The programme allows for the long-term cooperation of international researchers and enables them to teach in Cologne during the various phases of their research. The Welcome Center and the International Office support international guests throughout their stay at the University of Cologne.
As part of its Institutional Strategy, the university is also investing resources into the internationalization of its administrative support structures. This is a precondition for the successful internationalization of research, degree programmes, and teaching.