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Rectors since 1919

List of all rectors of the University of Cologne since the foundation of the New University in 1919.

Year Name
1919-1920 Prof. Dr. Dr. Christian Eckert, WiSo-Fak.
1920-1921 Prof. Dr. Friedrich Moritz, Med. Fac.
1921-1922 Prof. Dr. Heinrich Lehmann, Law Fac.
1922-1923 Prof. Dr. Arnold Schröer, Phil. Fac.
1923-1924 Prof. Dr. Karl Thiess, WiSo Fac.
1924-1925 Prof. Dr. Otto Tilmann, Med. Fac.
1925-1926 Prof. Dr. Fritz Stier-Somlo, Law Fac.
1926-1927 Prof. Dr. Artur Schneider, Phil. Fac.
1927-1928 Prof. Dr. Ernst Walb, WiSo Fac.
1928-1929 Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Zinsser, Med. Fac.
1929-1930 Prof. Dr. Hans Planitz, Law Fac.
1930-1931 Prof. Dr. Joseph Kroll, Phil. Fac.
1931-1932 Prof. Dr. Bruno Kuske, WiSo Fac.
1932-1933 Prof. Dr. Godehard Josef Ebers, Jur. Fac.
1933-1934 Prof. Dr. Ernst Leupold, Med. Fac.
1934-1935 Prof. Dr. Erwin Geldmacher, WiSo Fac.
1935-1938 Prof. Dr. Hans von Haberer, Med. Fac.
1938-1942 Prof. Dr. Otto Kuhn, Phil. Fac.
1942-1945 Prof. Dr. Friedrich Bering, Med. Fac.
Representative since Oct. 1944: Prof. Dr. Joseph Kroll, Phil. Fac.
1945-1949 Prof. Dr. Joseph Kroll, Phil. Fac.
1949-1951 Prof. Dr. Gotthold Bohne, Law Fac.
1951-1954 Prof. Dr. Theodor Wessels, WiSo Fac.
1954-1955 Prof. Dr. Hans Schulten, Med. Fac.
1955-1956 Prof. Dr. Hans Kauffmann, Phil. Fac.
1956-1958 Prof. Dr. Hermann Jahrreiß, Law Fac.
1958-1960 Prof. Dr. Theodor Kraus, WiSo Fac.
1960-1961 Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Tönnis, Med. Fac.
1961-1962 Prof. Dr. Ernst Klenk, Math.-Nat. Fac.
1962-1964 Prof. Dr. Theodor Schieder, Phil. Fac.
1964-1965 Prof. Dr. Hans Peters, Law Fac.
1965-1966 Prof. Dr. Günter Schmölders, WiSo Fac.
1966-1967 Prof. Dr. Werner Scheid, Med. Fac.
1967-1968 Prof. Dr. Karl Gustav Fellerer, Phil. Fac.
1968-1970 Prof. Dr. Heinz Hübner, Law Fac.
1970-1971 Prof. Dr. Peter Mittelstaedt, Math.-Nat. fac.
1971-1973 Prof. Dr. Klaus Stern, Faculty of Law
1973-1975 Prof. Dr. Wolf Isselhard, Med. Fac.
1975-1977 Prof. Dr. Clemens Menze, Phil. Fac.
1977-1979 Prof. Dr. Rainer Willeke, WiSo Fac.
1979-1981 Prof. Dr. Herbert Wiedemann, Law Fac.
1981-1983 Prof. Dr. Günther Binding, Phil. Fac.
1983-1985 Prof. Dr. Gernot Gutmann, WiSo Fac.
1985-1986 Prof. Dr. Michael Staak, Med. Fac.
1986-1989 Prof. Dr. Peter Hanau, Law Fac.
1989-1993 Prof. Dr. Bernhard König, Phil. Fac.
1993-1997 Prof. Dr. Ulrich Matz, WiSo Fac.
1997-2001 Prof. Dr. Jens-Peter Meincke, Law Fac.
2001-2005 Prof. Dr. Tassilo Küpper, Math.-Nat. Fac.
2005-2023 Prof. Dr. Axel Freimuth, Math.-Nat. Fac.
Since 2023 Prof. Dr. Joybrato Mukherjee