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A plea for climate protection and sustainability

Initiated by the current debates and initiatives on sustainable climate protection, the University of Cologne advocates a sustainable strategy for protecting the climate and preserving human livelihoods.
The University expressly supports the statement of the initiative Scientists for Future on the protests for more climate protection, which numerous renowned scholars and scientists have joined.
An overwhelming amount of sound climate research shows that we are currently experiencing massive climate change. These scientific findings also show that humans and their actions have a big influence on the climate; considering this influence, humans have the chance to prevent the most negative effects.
The University of Cologne therefore advocates acknowledging these findings and developing a sustainable strategy to protect the climate and preserve human livelihoods on their basis. In particular, the UoC promotes the idea of integrating existing scientific expertise more strongly into political and social discussions and decision-making processes.

Professor Dr Axel Freimuth, former rector of the University of Cologne

I support the call for stronger climate change policy measures. The available findings and concepts of research must be taken into account

Professor Dr Axel Freimuth, former rector of the University of Cologne

In its constitution, the University commits to contributing to a sustainable, peaceful and democratic world through its research and teaching tasks.

It will therefore make the subject of climate change even more visible and accessible and share related scientific findings with society – e.g. through lectures, lecture series, the Cologne Junior University, the media and public discourses.

Further information on the University's guidelines for sustainability and climate protection.