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University Strategy Plan

Building on the status quo, the University Development Plan (HEP) 2030 formulates the strategic guidelines (core strategies) of the University of Cologne (UoC) for the next 10 years. The HEP describes the mission and vision of the UoC, names its central values and concretizes these by defining strategic goals in the performance dimensions and fields of action of the UoC.

Developing the University Strategy Plan | procedure

The HEP will be developed in a two-stage process: In the ‘brainstorming phase,’ ideas for possible strategies will be developed and discussed in thematic workshops together with members of the UoC. In the second phase, the HEP will be formulated under the leadership of the Rectorate and the deans and with the participation of the responsible university committees.

The topics of the workshops in the first phase addressed the core tasks and fields of action of the University:

  1. Vision – Mission – Values – Key Assets
  2. People: attracting – supporting – developing
  3. People: ways of working
  4. Creating impact: Research
  5. Creating impact: Education
  6. Creating impact: Third Mission
  7. UoC in the global academic world: activities and collaborations
  8. Organization and infrastructures
  9. IT strategy and IT basic structures

In the respective workshops, approximately 5 core strategies for the UoC in the respective topic area have been developed. The first workshop focused on generating ideas in the sense of a brainstorming session, while the second workshop served to consolidate and structure them.

The first phase is now complete. We thank all participants for their commitment and input!
Now the second phase of the creation of the (University Development Plan Hochschulentwicklungsplan – HEP) begins with the review and consolidation of the results of the workshops.

On this page, you will find regular updates on the development status of HEP as well as information on the committee meetings in which information on and discussion of the University Development Plan will take place.

Thank you for your interest in the University's Strategic Development Plan!
Your team from Department 12 Strategy & Evaluations