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Programmes and institutions of the UoC

At Cologne's largest university, there are a large number of programmes and institutions that deal intensively with the sustainability issues and related fields of action – all over the campus and the Faculties.

In the field of research

Environmental Law Center 

The Environmental Law Center offers students opportunities for advanced training. In addition to the already existing specialization and preparatory seminars in comparative environmental law and international environmental law, further events will be offered by the Environmental Law Center in the future, which will promote the interest of students in environmental law.
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Institute of Biology and its Didactics: Research project Climate change and green facades 

The Institute of Biology and its Didactics provides scientific support for the development of the novel facade greening system as urban adaptation strategies to climate change; it also experimentally investigates the positive effects of this system on the urban climate and the heat-cold insulation of the buildings with regard to their contribution to temperature buffering, air humidity, CO2 reduction, NOx absorption, particulates absorption and the production of oxygen.
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Institute of Biology and its Didactics: Modular model garden (MoMo) 

Since 2015, the MoMo of the Institute for Biology and its Didactics is located in the middle of Cologne at Clarenbachkanal on the North Campus. It is part of the teaching and learning laboratories of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of the University of Cologne and was developed as a joint project of the Institute for Biology and its Didactics, the zdi student laboratories and the Cologne International School of Design (KISD). The garden offers prospective biology teachers the opportunity to learn in practice outdoors and to consolidate their knowledge of the local flora and fauna as well as to gain initial experience in dealing with school classes in the garden.
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Institute for Sustainability, Business Law and Reporting (INUR) 

Founded by the Faculty of Law of the University of Cologne, INUR investigates business law issues related to sustainability in an intradisciplinary legal and interdisciplinary manner linked to the neighbouring disciplines.
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Competence Center Fair Trade

The Competence Center Fair Trade is attached to the Global South Studies Center and aims to promote research on Fair Trade in German-speaking countries. It supports interdisciplinary research and teaching, provides a forum and an institutional framework for professional exchange and networking. As part of the GSSC, the Competence Center also promotes cooperation with researchers from the Global South. Beyond that the Competence Center sees itself as a contact point for non-academic institutions and organizations.
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Multidisciplinary Environmental Studies in the Humanities (MESH) 

MESH is a research hub addressing the social, cultural and ethical dimensions of global change and the related ecological, climatic and health crises. Connecting the expertise of the humanities with the natural and social sciences, MESH fosters research and knowledge exchange across three main research topics: decolonial cultural ecologies, multispecies conviviality and disaster preparedness.
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Ecological Rhine Station

The Ecological Rhine Station of the University of Cologne is located on a former ship, south of Cologne City on the left bank of the Rhine. The Rhine is one of the largest rivers in Central Europe and a habitat for fish, mussels, small animals, plankton and unicellular organisms. The running water laboratories on board the Rhine station offer scientists and students of the Zoological Institute excellent conditions to study animals in the Rhine in a naturalistic way and to perceive changes in the Rhine ecosystem in a timely manner.
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In the area of teaching

Bachelor Management, Economics and Social Sciences 

The degree programme combines an entrepreneurial attitude with academic excellence. In order to help students gain a deep understanding of social challenges, they will be provided with current research results in relevant areas from various disciplines such as management, economics, sociology or social psychology. The programme also includes the expertise of affiliated specialists, such as the ‘Institute of Energy Economics’ when it comes to discussing climate change.
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European University for Well-Being (EUniWell) 

Within the framework of EUniWell, eleven universities are united in a European higher education alliance. In doing so, EUniWell pursues a holistic and action-oriented approach to ‘well-being’, which addresses the well-being of the individual, the community and the environment in excellent research and teaching as well as with and for society in order to create lasting changes for students and societies, as well as for institutions and employees.
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International Master of Environmental Sciences 

The International Master of Environmental Sciences is an international and interdisciplinary environmental degree programme in English with courses from all Faculties of the UoC: the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Law, Management, Economics and Social Sciences as well as the Faculty of Medicine & Arts and Humanities.
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In the area of transfer

MINT Education Project: Our Forest Climate 

With the help of the STEM education project unserWaldKlima, the University of Cologne wants to contribute to the role and significance of forests for climate protection being increasingly addressed in the classroom. The effects of climate change are also becoming ever more present in Germany. Only those who understand the complex mechanisms of climate change can think about ways to protect the climate.
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Service Learning - Learning through involvement 

To anchor students' social commitment in everyday university life - this is the opportunity offered by Service Learning at the University of Cologne. Over the course of one semester, students in interdisciplinary teams support non-profit organizations and thus create added value for themselves and for others. Thus, university (project) learning is combined with non-profit involvement.
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Continuing education: sustainability managers 

In cooperation with the IHK, the University of Cologne offers the digital certificate course ‘Sustainability Manager’. In this program, students are trained as sustainability managers together with entrepreneurs/persons from the independent economy/external interested parties at the Professional Center.
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