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China-NRW University Alliance


The China-NRW University Alliance comprises six of North Rhine-Westphalia’s top universities that joined their interests in this strategic alliance to further develop and actively shape their relations to their partners in China.

Our activities include the operation of an on-site infrastructure as a core component - close to our partners, in our China-NRW University Alliance Office in Beijing.


Five of North Rhine-Westphalia’s top universities joined their interests in a strategic alliance to further develop and actively shape their relations to their much valued partners in China: 

The China-NRW University Alliance provides a basis for the further development of partner networks to facilitate and support cooperation activities in mutually beneficial relationships. The alliance is coordinated by the University of Cologne and offers an appealing service-portfolio which is tailored to the needs of interested partners in academia, the corporate world and public institutions.


Cologne Summer Schools in China

Photo: Pawel Gawronski

In the context of the economic boom in China and its associated global importance, it becomes more and more important to learn Chinese and to know about the Chinese culture. To address this challenge, the China-NRW University Alliance organizes the Summer School in Shanghai in cooperation with Tongji University, which provides students with first-hand insight into the Chinese culture and their traditions, as well as in today's business life. The summer school's purpose is to serve as a kind of introduction to Chinese culture. The program offers the unique opportunity to learn Chinese in China and thereby get to know a different culture.

Please see our website for more information on Cologne Summer Schools in China.


Scholarships for studying in China

If you are interested in spending a semester abroad in China and looking for funding possibilities, please see the CSC Stipendium website for more information. 


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