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Solidarity With Ukraine

The University of Cologne is deeply shocked by Russia's attack on Ukraine. We are equally highly concerned for the lives of the people in Ukraine. Peace, democracy and the freedom of research and teaching form the basis of our academic activities. The University of Cologne is a research site of international exchange and well-being for people of many nations.

We thus stand in solidarity with the entire Ukrainian population, our cooperating partners, all researchers, students and friends from Ukraine. Our thoughts are with all those who are affected by this war. We will stand by them to the best of our ability.

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Statement Regarding the Partnerships and Cooperations With Russian Universities and Research Organisations

The University of Cologne is horrified about the attack on Ukraine which is in violation of international law. Our solidarity lies with the Ukraine and its people and obviously the ukrainian students, staff and researchers. It will be very important to us to support them in the coming weeks and months.

The University of Cologne is joining in the boycott of Russian institutions and inter-state relationships between Russia and Germany. For this reason, we are freezing all partnerships and cooperation with Russian universities and research organisations. We are also ceasing all exchange activities and are therefore joining many other German universities and the Alliance of German Research organisations.

At the same time, we are noticing that students and colleagues alike from our Russian Partner universities are raising their voices against the war with Ukraine and are supporting the peace movement regardless of the risk to themselves. Our boycott is aimed at the institutions but our respect and solidarity also lies with individual integrity and civic courage. The University of Cologne is calling especially on all heads of Russian Higher Education Institutions to actively protect and, where possible, to support all students and staff who are protesting against the war. We are convinced that the courage of students and staff/researchers will be the basis of a joint research-oriented ethos and will enable future cooperations. We recognise that they are fighting to preserve our world.

In Cologne, at the University, both Russians and Ukrainians are taking part in organising help for Ukrainian refugees. We would also like to express our respect and our support to those individuals.

The Rectorate of the University of Cologne