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Saving energy in new buildings and through renovations

The University of Cologne has been committed to saving energy for many years. The energy-efficient management of the University’s buildings is crucial to reducing energy consumption. This is made possible by modern, energy-saving construction and by upgrading existing buildings to higher energy efficiency.

According to the University of Cologne’s Maste Plan 2030, the campus will be optimized in terms of energy by using efficient supply concepts. The goal is to comply with climate protection laws in combination with an economic concept of building operation.

Within the last five years, the set goals have been consistently implemented in every construction project. For the most part, the University of Cologne uses district heating. In accordance with the political requirements set for the energy transition, the goal is to have an emission-free supply by 2035.

What we have already built:

New bicycle garage
Taking into account the ecological mobility concept, the provision of additional bicycle parking spaces will help to support the shift away from motor vehicle traffic towards bicycle traffic.

What we are currently building:

New Physics Building
The new construction and systems engineering essentially contribute to an energy-efficient new building concept with savings in operating costs.

Renovation of the Main Building, Albertus Magnus Platz
This heritage-protected building will receive a facade refurbishment. Here, too, a higher standard will be achieved after refurbishment with potential savings in operating costs, especially regarding windows.

Refurbishment WiSo Building
After refurbishment, this heritage-protected building will be optimized to increase the quality of the building, especially with regard to heat loss.

New zoology building in Rees
An energy-efficient new building is being constructed on a new site. In this project, a photovoltaic system (28 kWp) will be put into operation, which will partially supply the building with electricity. The sustainability concept of the building will be rounded off with a domestic water treatment system and by using geothermal energy.

What we are planning to build:

Refurbishment Physics Building
Once the building has been refurbished, it will lead to an increase in building quality, especially with regard to heat loss. The new systems technology supports more flexible utilization options and allows for a more energy-efficient operation.

New Geology Building
The new Geology Building will be planned and implemented with sustainability aspects in mind while fulfilling the assessment criteria for sustainable building of the state of North-Rhine Westphalia. In addition, the new building will also be supplied with geothermal energy.

New Chemistry Building
The new building, with its state-of-the-art facade and systems engineering, contributes essentially to energy-efficient use with savings in operating costs.

A photovoltaic system (205 kWp) is being planned for the Student Service Centre (SSC) building on Universitätsstraße.

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