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What can I do as a researcher or manager?

Researchers and managers are responsible for guiding their employees through the energy saving process.

The university bodies have agreed energy saving measures that you should now implement. As the coordinator in your department, you will identify potential areas where your department can save energy and set an example through your energy saving behaviour. We kindly ask you to help your employees exploit all potential areas for saving energy and to ensure that your employees fully adopt these new energy saving habits.

It will all depend on your leadership. Together we can make huge energy savings at the university! And remember:
We can make a difference!





  • Read through the resolutions passed by the university bodies and look over the energy savings tips for employees.
  • Keep your employees informed regularly about the resolutions passed by the university bodies on the theme of saving energy.
  • Explain what this actually means for your department specifically and which measures now need to be implemented.
  • Draw attention to the sources of information available online, for example, on the energy-saving campaign and sustainability.
  • Talk to your management colleagues to find out and share what is being done in other departments. Would these ideas also work in your department?
  • As a researcher, you could also talk to your colleagues about whether it is possible to switch off certain pieces of equipment or use them more efficiently. If refrigerators are only partially full, for example, it may be possible to switch one of them off and fill another one.


  • Check whether it is possible to combine workplaces into fewer rooms and thus reduce the number of heated rooms.


  • Work together with your employees to ensure that you are exploiting the potential offered by every measure.

  • Collect ideas on saving energy within your department – this will also help your colleagues to internalise the concept of saving energy.

  • Good energy saving ideas are worthy of praise! Share your ideas.

  • Remind your employees about the university’s idea mailbox.

Set an example

  • It will take time for employees to change their behaviour. Therefore, try to set a good example by behaving in the correct way yourself.
  • Please raise this subject in the regular meetings you hold in your department. You need to keep reinforcing new habits.

Monitor the progress

  • Regularly monitor whether the agreed measures are being properly implemented.

Contact us!

For further questions, please see the "Questions and answers" page. If you do not find what you are looking for there, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to receive tips, answer questions and provide further information on saving energy: Contact