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For scholars, scientists & staff

Besides broad student commitment, the understanding and commitment of scholars, scientists and staff is also necessary in order to succeed in the transformation toward a sustainable university. All those who want to actively participate in this process will find below an overview of the various participation options at the University of Cologne. If you are interested, feel free to contact us directly and we will provide further information.

Working Group Research, Teaching & Waste Management

Based on the first Sustainability Forum at the University of Cologne in February 2023, various interdisciplinary working groups have evolved that promote sustainability in coordination with the Sustainability Office and the sustainability strategy for selected areas of the University of Cologne. These include the groups for research, teaching and waste management, which are happy about contributions. If you are interested and need more information, please contact the Sustainability Office at


The CampusGarten is a project of the student union AStA of the University of Cologne, and was initiated by students. Everyone can visit the garden – for gardening, discovering, relaxing. Vegetables, herbs and fruit are planted in order to produce food in a climate-neutral, cost-effective and ecological manner. In addition, various workshops on garden topics are offered as well as events to exchange experiences. No prior knowledge is necessary. The group is always happy to welcome new members and you can participate in different areas.

Instagram: @campusgartenkoeln

Other initiatives related to the University of Cologne

Scientists for Future is an interdisciplinary association with its own rules and regulations that unites scholars and scientists from different institutions who are committed to a sustainable future. The Cologne-Bonn Regional Group consists of around 170 scholars and scientists from a wide range of disciplines; they are committed to taking swift and decisive action to overcome the current climate, biodiversity and sustainability crisis by sharing their expertise, offering advice and raising awareness.

Instagram: @s4f_koeln_bonn

10 tips for a more sustainable working day

It does not always have to be the very big changes that lead to more sustainability in society. We can all make a difference, even with small changes – especially if we act together.
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Energy conservation at the UoC

The University of Cologne wants to and has to save energy. It is therefore participating in the nationwide energy saving campaign in order to contribute to a climate-friendly and crisis-proof energy supply. Saving together makes us strong. Remember: We can make a difference!
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