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2nd Cologne Conference on Food for Future 2021


We would like to announce the virtual

2nd Cologne Conference on Food for Future” to be held between 13 - 14 September 2021.

The general objective of the conference is to bring together scientists with different expertise to discuss cross-disciplinary aspects of the future of crop plant cultivation and food production, development of new products & processes, land use change in urban and peri-urban agriculture and the impact of development on everyday rural livelihood to ensure global food and nutrition security. 

This year’s conference focuses on:

  • Plant-Environment Interactions
  • Food and Rural Livelihoods
  • Urbanization and Development
  • Functional Food

We aim to provide an opportunity for a lively exchange among all stakeholders in the Food Security field.

Find more information on the programme and registration process on our conference webpage: www.food-for-future.eu

The conference is jointly organised by the University of Cologne  Competence Area “Food Security” and the Institute of Geography.


Confirmed Speakers

  • Prof. Amelie Bernzen, University Vechta, Germany
  • Dr. Christine Bonnin, University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
  • Prof. Aedin Cassidy, Queens University, Belfast, UK
  • Christine Diepenbrock, PhD, University of California, Davis, USA
  • Dr. Alexander Follmann, University of Cologne, Germany
  • Dr. Ellen Mangnus, University Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Prof. George Owuor, Egerton University, Kenya
  • Prof. Emile Temgoua, University of Dschang, Cameroon
  • Prof. Mark Tester, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Dr. Mark Vicol, University Wageningen, Netherlands
  • Prof. Fang-Jie Zhao, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing, China

Organising Committee

  • Amelie Bernzen
    Institute for Spatial Analysis and Planning in Areas of Intensive Agriculture, University of Vechta
  • Alexander Follmann
    Institute of Geography, University of Cologne
  • Dorit Grunewald
    Coordinator Competence Area Food Security, University of Cologne
  • Timothy Jobe
    Botanical Institute, University of Cologne
  • Stanislav Kopriva
    Speaker Competence Area Food Security, Institute for Plant Sciences, University of Cologne
  • Markus Stetter
    Institute for Plant Sciences, University of Cologne


Administrative Support

  • Elke Henn
    Botanical Institute, University of Cologne