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New teaching project in Namibia supported by the competence area Food Security

An Instagram Takeover by Bianca will provide an inside into her internchip at a schoolgarden of the Omomas Care Center in the south of Namibia. The Competence Area Food Security awarded Bianca, who just finished her studies at the University of Cologne, with a travel grant to support her for a practical training.

Besides school education the disadvantaged kids supervised at Omomas are prepared for the challenges of a self-determined life. In the affiliated self-sufficiency schoolgarden the kids learn the cultivation of fruit and vegetables with the aim of a self-sufficient supply and an increased acceptance for a balanced and healthy diet. Together with the pupils Bianca sows new seeds and takes care of plants in the garden.

We can follow Bianca on March 2nd, 3rd, 6th and 8th 2020 in an Instagram Takeover and watch her teaching cultivation, harvest and processing of these plants.

Follow Bianca here.