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Commitment to sustainability in food production and social justice

Fairtrade University

The University of Cologne is committed to sustainability regarding food production, fair trade relations, and working conditions.

For this commitment, the UoC was awarded the title ‘Fairtrade University’ in May 2018. Various criteria must be fulfilled to carry the title. Fairly traded products are offered in the bistros and coffee bars on campus and at meetings. In addition, there are regular events and campaigns that are organized by students and address the topic of fair trade.

There is also a steering group to coordinate developments on fair trade at the university. It is made up of representatives from the students, the gastronomy, research, and the University’s Procurement Department.

The ideas of sustainability and fair trade will continue to be promoted in the future. For this, we are always looking for students who would like to volunteer in our student group. Feel free to get in touch and let us change the campus for the better!

Corinna Köhler

For us, being a Fairtrade University means making fairly traded products accessible to as many people as possible and creating awareness among students for a fair world.

Corinna Köhler, steering group Fairtrade University Cologne
Professor Dr Bettina Rockenbach

The UoC now buys numerous fairly traded products, but we want to do even better. The Fairtrade University’s commitment to social and ecological sustainability is in line with the goals we have set ourselves for the entire University, and which we are pursuing with vigour.

Professor Dr Bettina Rockenbach, Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation