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We can make a difference!

The University of Cologne wants to – and must – save energy. It is taking part in the national energy-saving campaign for this reason, thus helping to maintain a climate friendly and crisis-proof energy supply system.

Several energy saving concepts have already been implemented over the last few years as part of, for example, construction or renovation measures. Due to limited energy supplies and drastic increases in energy prices, it is now necessary for the university to take additional effective measures. These include structural energy saving measures, central regulation of the energy supply to each building and the servicing and replacement of old equipment. These measures will be implemented centrally by the building management department at the university.

However, it is just as important that we – the members of the University of Cologne – help to save electricity and heating costs. By changing our behaviour, we can make a decisive contribution to achieving our target of a 20% reduction in energy consumption and thus take another important step.

Many small deeds such as turning off a light, turning down the heating when you go home or switching off the coffee machine can make us all “energy saving heroes”. It is of the utmost importance that the researchers, students and employees of the University of Cologne are kept well informed and are committed to this goal. It is only together that we will be able to achieve significant savings, push forward the change towards a sustainable use of energy and at the same time keep the university running in a well-regulated manner.

Together we can make huge energy savings! Remember:
We can make a difference!

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