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Call for Applications: <br>2 Funding Lines for Research Projects

Call for Applications:
2 Funding Lines for Research Projects

Cologne International Forum Grants
Part of a fan letter, white handwriting on purple ground with a twig with yellow leaves above the text. The text in German: Olaf Fönss, dem unvergleichlichen Darsteller des „Homunculus“ herzlichen Dank für die Autogramme... (Many thanks to Olaf Fönss, the incomparable actor of

Lecture 4 December:
Fan Mail to Danish Film Stars in the 1910s

Discovering the earliest era of film fandom
Cologne International Forum: SALON
The TANDEM Online-Portal of the UoC

The TANDEM Online-Portal of the UoC

Find the right partner for language exchange!




Global Initiatives

The UoC is a research-based university with a global perspective. It actively seeks out collaboration with the best academics and competes to attract the best students from around the world.


Division 'International Affairs': Contacts, Opening Hours, Welcome Centre, Events, Site Map ...




Through ‘Studienstart International’, not only do I get an overview of the German higher education system, but also learn many helpful study tips. Besides, I am grateful to have gained more knowledge about diverse mindsets of people from different cultures.

Xianquin, from China, studies business administration



Centres for International Relations (ZIB)

At faculty level the Centers for International Relations (ZIB) direct and coordinate the decentralized international orientation of the UoC and the implementation of the various international projects on teaching and research.