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Global Responsibility combines internationalization with third mission in order to spread and transfer the knowledge generated by the University of Cologne in our local, regional and global networks and contribute to global change. Global Responsibility expresses thereby an attitude,  which defines the role and the motivation of a university to act globally. It emphazises that all actions have a global impact of which every individual should be aware of. It is the task of a university to generate and spread knowledge in order to overcome old concepts and raise global awareness.


Global Responsibility projects of the International Office seek to link actions of global and local networks and communities in order to contribute to solve global challenges, such as climate change and migration. On a global level, the International Office builds up cooperations that facilitate and enhance exchange with academic partners in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. On a local level, we provide refugees with academic assistance and build up links with stakeholders and communities in the Cologne region.



On the local level, our projects focus on supporting international and refugee students and scholars, preparing them to study successfully and enabling them to follow their academic path, bringing in their international expertise and networks.


Academic Refugee Support

LehrkräftePLUS Köln

LehrkräftePLUS Köln

Programme for Teachers with a refugee background



On the global level, we are building up international cooperations to exchange and transfer knowledge, enabling scholars and academic staff around the world to contribute to global change. For our projects we are collaborating with partners on different continents.





Technology-based Entrepreneurship for Supporting Sustainability in MENA Region


DIES Myanmar CYM+

DIES Myanmar CYM+

Sustainable Internationalisation with partner universities in Myanmar