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University of Cologne among top 20 institutions among international researchers

The Ranking of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation compares the numbers of stays of international scholars and scientists at German research institutions with funding from the Humboldt Foundation during the past five years.

The University of Cologne is ranked 18th out of 131 German universities in the current Humboldt Ranking. For the ranking, the Humboldt Foundation analyses the number of research stays of international scholars and scientists in Germany during the last five years with fellowships or awards from the Humboldt Foundation. The Humboldt Ranking shows two different ranks: firstly, the weighted rank (based on the number of fellowship recipients in relation to the number of professors per institution), and secondly, the absolute rank (based on the number of Humboldt-sponsored fellows and award winners per institution). The 18th place refers to the weighted rank, in absolute rank the University of Cologne comes in 7th place.

In addition, the ranking differentiates between four major scientific disciplines (humanities and social sciences, life sciences, natural sciences and engineering sciences) in order to take subject-specific features into account. The University of Cologne is ranked 4th in the humanities and social sciences and 5th in the life sciences (together with the University of Göttingen). In the natural sciences, the university is ranked 22nd.

Professor Dr Joybrato Mukherjee, Rector of the University of Cologne, remarked: “I am happy about the international reputation the University of Cologne enjoys and its appeal for international scholars and scientists. Moreover, I am grateful to the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation for the funding it provides.”

With its Humboldt Research Fellowships, the Humboldt Foundation supports outstandingly qualified researchers from around the world. The fellowships are open to researchers of all nationalities and disciplines – from postdocs to experienced researchers – for a stay at a German university or research institution. Scholars and scientists from developing or newly industrialized countries whose research contributes to the sustainable development of their country can also apply for an equivalent Georg Forster Research Fellowship.

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