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International Exchange: Top Placements for the University of Cologne in the DAAD Funding Ranking

The University of Cologne is one of Germany’s strongest universities in terms of both international projects and individual funding.

The University of Cologne has achieved several top rankings in the current funding statistics of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). In the overall funding ranking for 2022, which has now been published, the University of Cologne is 6th place out of 100 universities listed in the funding ranking throughout Germany. The DAAD's funding reports show how strongly universities are networked internationally.

After the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic were lifted, the University was able to reinforce and further expand its internationalization activities in 2022. In 2022, the University of Cologne received a total of 9.4 million euros from the DAAD for internationalization projects and scholarships.
The university received 2.1 million euros for individual funding. This amount was used to support 243 students, including 112 students from abroad who had come to Cologne. The remaining 7.3 million euros from the DAAD went to support projects and programmes – 3.3 million of which went to Erasmus, the European Union's education programme. In a university comparison of funding for projects and programmes, the University of Cologne actually ranks second in Germany here.

Since 2000, the DAAD has been compiling university-specific evaluations, so-called ‘funding rankings’, for its member universities. They contain information on the amount of individual funding and on the funding used by the higher education institutions for DAAD projects and programmes. This overview shows the 100 higher education institutions with the highest funding contributions in absolute and relative terms (in relation to the number of students at the higher education institution).


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