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Indo-German Third Party Funded Projects


Identifying third-party funding calls is quite an important feature of UoC India office, therefore, as a result, apart from many other smaller funding, there are four major Indo-German third party funded activities that UoC, presently, is successfully involved in.


Project Duration UoC Professor Indian Professor
DAAD "A New Passage to India" 2010–2023 Prof. Kirk Junker (International Masters of Environmental Science) & others Prof. Shamita Kumar (Bhartiya Vidyapeeth Institute of Environmental Research, Pune)
Erasmus Plus SWAGATA 2017–2020 Prof. Peter W. Marx (Theater & Media Studies) & others Prof. Bishnupriya Dutt (Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi) & others
DAAD-University Grants Commission (UGC)

INGENIoS (Indo-German Network Interaction of Scientists)
2020–2024 Prof. Karl Schneider – Project Head & several other PIs (Dept. of Geography) Prof. Sekhar Muddu (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore) & others

Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India – SPARC (Scheme for Promotion and Academic Research Collaboration)

Tailoring Tantalum Nitrides and Oxynitrides & Designing Electrocatalytic Devices for Green Energy

2020–2022 Prof. Sanjay Mathur (Dept. of Inorganic Chemistry) Prof. Ravikumar N V (Indian Institute of Technology, Madra)