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Get involved

Get involved in meetings of international students

Participate in the tandem programme Project connect! of the University of Cologne, or a buddy programme offered by the Faculties, and join a certain number of meetings and make sure to documentat them.

Meetings: The meetings comprise a total of at least three major activities and seven further meetings.  Here are some examples for major activities: visiting a library or a weekly market together, going to the summer party (UNI) or a Christmas market, going to a concert, watching a movie at the cinema, visiting a museum or a cooking evening with recipe translation etc.

Joint documentation: short report with photos of what is most striking, what is astonishing, what is the same, what is different, what was fun etc. (Documentation can be published on this website with your consent.)


Proof that you have been involved in the organization and carrying out of events or comparable activities for international and German students for several semesters.