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Study Trip & Events


Campus Tour

Photo: Christina Szentivanyi

We started the new semester with a tour of the UoC's campus, exploring all the ifferent buildings and facilities together and hopefully getting a better sense of where everything is located.


Brussels Excursion

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On Decemeber 6th - Nikolaus day in Germany - we set out to visit the beautiful city of Brussels, capital of Belgium. After a guided tour through the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium, where we got to know the work of Belgian painter and cultural icon René Magritte, we had some time to explore and see the city.


Cologne City Tour

To get to know the city we study in we climbed up the cathetral tower for a view of Cologne, had a quick snack break where we tried a "Weckmann" - a German pastry that is typical for this time of year- and enjoyed a rehearsal in Philharmonie Concert Hall where the Gürzenich Orchestra offered samples from Schubert's symphony no. 8 C-Dur 944.


Field Trip to Brussels

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As part of the course "European Art from Renaissance to Present" the CGSP took a trip to Brussels. After a two hour journey with the ICE from Cologne we arrived in Brussels. First we had a guided tour in the "Royal Museum of Fine Arts" about the "Old masters".  Afterwards the students had time to explore the city on theirown.