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History of the University & Cologne University Archive

Cologne University Archive

The archive serves as the memory of the university, collecting all historically relevant documents.
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100th anniversary of the New University

More than a century after the French government closed the old “Universitas coloniensis” in 1798, a long-cherished wish of the people of Cologne became reality: a new university was founded in1919.  In 2019, the university celebrated its 100th anniversary.
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The University Seal

The large university seal, in use since 1392, shows the emblem of the University of Cologne: the three Magi.
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University Rectors

This list contains all university rectors since the founding of the "new university" in 1919, from Professor Christian Eckert to Professor Joybrato Mukherjee.
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University professors

The "Gallery of Professors" of the University of Cologne gathers biographical data on all habilitated professors and honorary professors of the "New University" since 1919.
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University Chancellors

The "Gallery of Chancellors and their Representatives" compiles the holders of this office at the University of Cologne and their representatives from 1954 to the present.
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