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Transparent and Lawful Procedures

At the UoC, responsibilities are stipulated in a transparent and comprehensible way. Decision-making processes are regulated by formal regulations and their results are documented transparently. The Constitution regulates the tasks of the University as specified in the Higher Education Act of North Rhine-Westphalia and provides an overview of the committees, their composition and responsibilities. The Rules of Procedure regulate the framework conditions for specific decision-making processes. Regulations and resolutions to be published are issued in the Official Bulletins.  Even HR decisions, examinations or business relations with third parties, only objective criteria count. For this reason, the UoC has formulated principles on questions of bias, particularly for use in appointment procedures, committees and examination boards, in evaluations of academic and other units of the UoC, and in assessments.

Constitution and Rules of Procedure

Stipulating Responsibilities

Transparency, Announcement, Archiving and Documentation

Conflict of Interest