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HR Matters

For the UoC, good employment conditions for all staff members are fundamental for success in all its performance dimensions. The UoC wants to find, develop and retain excellent staff for research and research-supporting areas. Through transparent quality-assured procedures, it wants to promote selecting the best applicants in all appointment and recruitment procedures and open up attractive career prospects for young academics through Tenure Track procedures. Good employment conditions also include environmental, employment and health protection. The UoC is an institution for studying, teaching and working that takes a responsible approach to the physical and mental health of its members and associates and supports this through prevention. The UoC deals transparently with activities that are carried out outside of the service or employment relationship as a secondary office or second occupation in return for remuneration. The awarding of performance-bonuses is also carried out according to transparent rules. The UoC has developed its own guidelines to ensure a legally compliant procedure for awarding lectureships.

Good Employment Conditions


Tenure Track

Personnel Selection and Employment


Second Occupations, Lectureships and Performance Bonuses