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German as a Foreign Language

Language is the key to a country’s culture. And even if it is possible to use English as a working language in many institutes and seminars at the university, for the purposes of leisure and everyday life it is much easier if you speak at least a little German.

Please note that German classes are offered for the price of 250 Euros per semester for guest scholars of the University of Cologne.



  • Pre-semester courses 2021 take place from 6 September until 1 October, 2021
  • Semester courses 2021 take place from 18 October until 28 January, 2022.


To participate in a German course during the semester, you must register with the Welcome Centre using our form by 22 August, 2021.


Placement Tests

If you already have any knowledge of German you must also participate in a placement test. Participation instructions will be provided via email. 

  • Placement test for the presemester and the semester class: 16 August, 9am MEZ until 30 August, 3pm MEZ
  • Placement test for the semester class: 28 September, 9am MEZ until 4 October, 3pm MEZ



For additional information – also on the current situation due to the corona crisis  please refer to the department German as a Foreign Language.