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Cologne – Metropolis on the Rhine

The Rhineland is not only not only an economically booming region, but also an important location for science. RWTH University in Aachen as well as the Universities of Bonn, Cologne and Düsseldorf are important institutions of higher learning in Germany. Together with renowned non-university research institutions such as the various Helmholtz Institutes, Max Planck Institutes and Institutes of the Leibniz Association, they belong to one of the most important science landscapes in Europe. Cologne alone has 22 scientific institutions, providing study places for more than 100,000 students.

Our campus is located in the heart of Cologne. Our city has a reputation for open-mindedness and a friendliness, radiating warmth and joie de vivre, thus making new arrivals feeling at home more easily. The Rhineland is not only a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but also one of the most developed economic regions in Europe, with a special focus on  the automobile, chemical and pharmaceutical industry as well as the media. In addition to its diverse cultural, culinary and carnival attractions, Cologne  has many sports events and leisure activities to offer in basketball, ice hockey and football, to name just a few.


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Dr. Joris Lammers, Postdoc Social Cognition Center Cologne

The University of Cologne more than matches the city of Cologne‘s openness and friendliness to international visitors. I can heartily recommend any international researcher to visit the University of Cologne and enjoy its hospitality.

Dr. Joris Lammers, Postdoc Social Cognition Center Cologne

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