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Who we are

At the University of Cologne, we tackle social, political and economic challenges with our broad range of study programmes and by promoting cutting-edge research and innovation. We place particular emphasis on supporting talented young people in developing their professional and academic careers. With its teaching and research priorities, the University moreover contributes to social discourse.

Within our four clusters of excellence our scientists conduct research into the causes of aging-associated diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease; in plant science, our researchers are developing plants that will help ensure that the world has enough to eat in the future. Moreover, the develpment of new computing and networking architectures using the principles of quantum mechanics is another focus area as is our scienctists' aim to advance a new paradigm for the analysis of markets & public policy in light of fundamental societal and technological challenges.

Last but not least, the University’s GATEWAY Excellence Start up Center offers our 50,000 students and 7,000 employees a platform for setting up their own businesses, using the knowledge they have acquired here.

Our dynamic international network and diverse campus life create a cosmopolitan, stimulating atmosphere and excellent opportunities for scientific and social exchange.

In order to sustain the high standard of research and teaching that we offer, we are looking for motivated and future-oriented employees. Join us at the University of Cologne.


Impressions from life as an early-career researcher at the University of Cologne